Heart Rate

 299.00 Inc. VAT

Heart Rate is the original accessory for the Equimo tracker (not included), which is used to measure and analyze the heart activity of horses during training. Simply insert your Equimo tracker into the Equimo Heart Rate Clip and see how your horse performs.

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Measuring heart rate provides essential information about horses‘ fitness, as trained horses reach lower heart rates while exercising and have quicker recovery times than untrained horses. While heart rate values also provide insight into monitoring changes in fitness in horses, it is important to remember that naturally athletic horses tend to have lower working heart rates compared to less athletic horses.

What’s in the box?

1. Heart Rate electrodes (2 pcs)
Dimensions: 65 x 140 x 3 mm
Weight: 73 g

2. Clip for Equimo tracker
Dimensions: 45 x 68 x 32 mm
Weight: 69 g
Operating temperature: 0-60 °C