EQUIMO + Heart Rate

 498.00  349.00 Inc. VAT

Pre-order – Heart Rate available in January.

The order will be divided into two shipments. EQUIMO will be sent to you within 2 days of ordering, Heart Rate during the month of January 2023.



You will get EQUIMO tracker together with the Heart Rate accessories in this package. Simply insert the EQUIMO tracker into the Heart Rate Clip and see how your horse performs.

What’s in the box?

1. EQUIMO tracker
Dimensions: 53 x 34 x 10 mm
Weight: 69 g

2. Heart Rate electrodes (2 pcs)
Dimensions: 65 x 140 x 3 mm
Weight: 73 g

3. Clip for EQUIMO tracker
Dimensions: 45 x 68 x 32 mm
Weight: 69 g
Operating temperature: 0-60 °C